About us

Los Xaldos de Makapeha: guarantee of quality, responsibility, service and nearness

Los Xaldos de Makapeha is a brand of Laintex Veterani S.A., pioneer doing business between Spain, Russia and CIS countries since 1975 and since 1979 exporting olives and olive oil. In 2001 we created the brand Los Xaldos de Makapeha, products of great quality and typical of the Mediterranean diet.

All our products meet the highest standards of quality and competitive price. Our factories concentrate the best technologies that allow us to select the product carefully, to be respectful of the production process and the environment.

Behind Los Xaldos de Makapeha there is a great team, knowledgeable about the history, the countries, and cultures, traditions of the language of the different places where we work and with great friends after more than 35 years working with our clients daily.

Currently we are present in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with own offices and distributors with more than 25 years of relation. You can find us in the main capitals and fairs of the sector.